MOA beer was born in Florence in 2011. To believe Andrea and Richard, two homebrewers who have made the leap, like others, transforming the passion in business, after years of research, experiments and recipes The MOA was created from sharing more passions: for craft beer certainly but also for the traditional pleasure to offer to friends something special, homemade, and the desire to experiment, enter new taste worlds.

MOA, My Own Ale, because it is our beer, made by us exactly as we would have chosen for ourselves and close friends: with taste, tasteful, with the heart.
The MOA line is composed, at the time, four beers and styles inspired by traditional recipes, revisited according to our taste. Andrea and Riccardo so we start with a blonde drinkable, we pamper you with a full-bodied red, delight us with a black stout, then surprise us with a spicy white. The names of the beers are inspired by the sugar content of the wort: the degree plato. Plus the plato degree is higher, the beer will present alcoholic, full-bodied.
We studied the MOA project very carefully, taking care of the communication with maximum transparency, for the pleasure to share and discuss with those who are already inside, but especially with those new to this world at all obvious. The amarometro MOA, which is in the back label of the bottle and on the website, is an idea that was born from the desire to give the consumer information as possible when choosing a craft beer, and bitter, in our opinion, it falls senz 'another among the more important selection criteria.

The amarometro MOA indicating the perceived bitter taste, which is the result of the balancing act between ' bitterness of the hops and the sweetness of the malt. Four blacks dots, for example, indicate a beer from the notes extremely bitter.